Reimbursement. Simplified.

DolphinCare’s AI-powered software works hand in hand with operations teams at skilled nursing facilities to eliminate the complexity of high volume clinical reporting.

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Is Your Facility Dealing with . . .

Overburdened Clinical Staff

Staff Shortages

Missed Opportunities

Time-Consuming Documentation

. . . Meet DolphinCare’s Solution:

Reduce Resource Overload

Eliminate Staff Shortages

Capture Critical Revenue

Streamline Documentation

DolphinCare Saves Time.


MDS Coordinators

View accurate clinical assessment responses and the documentation to support them at a glance. Free up valuable time to focus on proactively improving resident care.


New MDS Team Members

Leverage DolphinCare’s capabilities to upskill new team members faster while achieving high returns throughout the learning curve.


Audit Teams

Access an easy-to-review comprehensive audit trail from hospital records and your primary EHR, ensuring compliance and assessment validity. DolphinCare flags critical opportunities early in the process, reducing overall audit time.

DolphinCare Optimizes Operational Success

Achieve the perfect balance between Quality Measures and revenue capture using AI algorithms customized to your facility’s requirements.