Our Team

We have a team of world class AI experts. Our employees’ diverse backgrounds allow multiple perspectives to build out our team. At over 35 members and continuing to grow, we pride ourselves on our high levels of collaboration, unparalleled dedication to making a first class product, and tight integration of technical and non-technical teams.

Clinical Experts

Our diverse panel of expert MDS coordinators evaluate the clinical accuracy of our software and provide practice-based and appropriate recommendations.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists combine large healthcare datasets and cutting-edge algorithms to create accurate and targeted recommendations that can compete with the most qualified MDS auditor.

Data Engineers

Our data engineers direct rapid data streams flowing from EHR systems, enabling operational decisions that leverage up-to-date clinical statuses.


Data Analysts

Our always curious data analysis uncover powerful trends within EHR records and translate them to meaningful outputs. They bridge the gap between clinical expertise and the powerful engine behind our innovative software.

Software Developers

Our team of developers are leaders in the industry with years of experience in full-stack development and superior web design. They work closely with the clinical experts to ensure accurate operational workflows.

Information Security Specialists

Our network and information security experts ensure that protected healthcare data is secure and continually monitor and enforce HIPAA compliance.

Services Team

Our friendly and intelligent support team members understand your needs, are easy to speak to, and want to solve your technical issues as soon as possible. They welcome your feedback as you use DolphinCare tools.